Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The new year with MWE

Big things in store for 2011, for Mortal World Entertainment, first being then return of the first artist to work with me on Soulless. Daniel Landerman. Whit his return we are reving up production on the comic and other multimedia projects. Like a Facebook App game called Soulless Universe. Daniel will be taking up art duty's on issue 4, and heading up the games development on the art end. More on the comic front we have Russ Leach partnering up with me to re-imagining Spirit Force 1. We are completely re-doing this property. It will be MWE's WWII, scyfi epic. And I'm hoping to be on track with the first in a trilogy called NMP. ( New Millennium Protectorate); Partnered with Zach Bassett to bring you a great Steampunk epic, with Asgaurdian flair. And a new secret project that I'm teamed up with Autumn Rain Turkel. Along with the completed Kord & Harley graphic novel, 2011, should be a big year for all of us here at MWE.

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